Instruction of the observation tour on May 31st 2013 (Friday)

If you want to participate in the observation tour, please send the application form downloaded at the following URL.
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1. Abstract of Visit Site

Residence of Konosuke Matsushita, who is the founder of Panasonic: in the training institute of Panasonic in Hirakata.
Konosuke Matsushita was planning to build a private residence which would remain for 300 years in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, compiling the techniques and skills of Japanese manufacturing and craftsmanship for future generations` reference. Afterward, the house was also used as Panasonic’s guesthouse. In 2008, when the company was celebrating its 90th anniversary, the house was relocated to the Human Resources Development Company in Hirakata, and be used as a training facility ever since.
Though the house usually is not open to the public or employees of the company, it is a powerful source of inspiration for Panasonic employees around the globe through which they can touch the spirit of the founder and share his unchanging management philosophy.
If you miss this opportunity, you would not see it again, please join us this time.
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PDS (Production for Daikin System):
Production System of Daikin at Sakai business institution of Daikin Industries, Ltd.
The sales of Daikin's air conditioner making it the No. 1 air conditioner maker, exceeding its U.S. rival Carrier Corp. The foundation of Daikin’s production is the PDS system.
The challenge of air conditioner production is how to correspond to the change of demand directed by weather. To resolve the issue, the company devises High Cycle Production in shortening the planning of production schedule from 15 days to 3 days and ALPHA information system in supporting High Cycle Production and closed coordinating with essential information such as POS of retailers, inventories of warehouses, previous sales performance, etc. Additionally, in order to embody their production, there is “one-piece flow production” which is constructed through learning Toyota’s ABCs and unified number system across departments. These systems are entitled as PDS by Daikin. The efficiency of Product inventory management increased with the reduction of cost by 25% and compared with an average of 7.3 before the installation of the system, the inventory turn become 13.5.
Please seize this opportunity to observe the PDS, the essence of the global production system of Daikin.

2. Tour Schedule
9:30 Depart from Tennoji Miyako Hotel
(Shuttle bus will park in front of the hotel at 9am, please wait in the bus.)
10:20 Arrive at Human Resources Development Company in Hirakata
10:30-12:00 Visit at Kounso
12:10 Depart from Human Resources Development Company in Hirakata
  ↓ Lunch in the bus: offer light refreshments
13:20 Arrive at Sakai Factory of Daikin Industries, Ltd.
13:30-15:00 Visiting PDS
15:20 Depart from Sakai Factory
16:00 Arrive at Sugimoto Campus of Osaka City University
If you are not going to join the Welcome Party, Board of administration and Committee meeting, Please stay in the bus and directly go back to Tennoji Miyako Hotel

16:10-18:00 Welcome Party (Takahara Hall)
※The location will be directed by people in charge at the main entrance.
18:00~19:30 Board of administrations and Committee assemblies (Conference room in Takahara Hall)