Factory Tour Notification

On the 8th International Symposium on Operations Management and Strategy, we prepare two factory tours for the participants. These tours are held on the first day of the symposium, June 8 (Friday). The outlines of the tours are as follows.
Be sure to sign up for participation until May 20th. We will contact you for details.

1. Saijoinx
Address: 5 Nishikotobuki-cho, Saiin, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Features of the company: Under the mission "Innovation partner that leads customer's business to success" and the vision "Development type maker supporting world development", they are actively introducing IoT, mainly prototyping business, while mainly performing thin metal working. Although it is strong image of experienced craftsman when saying SMEs, Saijoinx challenges the design and manufacturing using advanced technology by making full use of the vitality of young employees. The market is also looking at the global market.
Limitation of possible participants: :10 (FIFO base) (English interpreter available)
The meeting place: Hankyu Railway Kyoto Line, Saiin Station, West Ticket Gate 13:00 Collection or Hankyu Railway Kyoto Line, Ibaraki City Station 12:30 Collection. We will go to the company on foot from Saiin Station.
Application form: [Application form download]
Application email address: ota@bus.osaka-cu.ac.jp

Address:1-15-1 Nouka Outsushi Shiga prefecture, Japan
Features of the factory:The factory is a state of art facility for product development and manufacturing which dramatically enhance international competitiveness through integrating sales, product design & development, production and servicing in the business of automobile exhaust gas measuring equipment etc.
What does E-Harbor stand for?:”E” of HORIBA BIWAKO E-HARBOR is an acronym for words connoting this factory’s missionary five aims imposed by the corporate. This factory is expected as the flagship home harbor which leads and unites HORIBA’s all factories over the world as one production unit. Those “E” are;
Engineering-Engineering of products that innovates development, custom design and production
Environment: Environmentally conscious factory at the location of Lake Biwa  Engagement: Engagement and sympathy with customers. Strengthening inter-departmental linkage for customers 
Enhancement: Enhancement of quality, personnel resources and production  
Energy system: Provision of cutting edge gas analysis systems 
Limitation of possible participants:27 (FIFO base)
The meeting place: Participants are requested to arrive at JR Kosai Line, Hieizan-Sakamoto Station by 13:00 (must). Bus service is provided by the factory from the station to the factory and from the factory to the station. The time of train ride from Kyoto Station to Hieizan-Sakamoto Station is about 14 minutes by new express train.
Application form: [Application form download]
Application email address: michiyamorita2@gmail.com