Japanese Operations Management and Strategy Association

Background: Operations Management is to contribute to the firm, environment, and society through the efficient and effective management of operations in product development, procurement, production, distribution, and sales. The Japanese production management concepts such as JIT and TQM have been widely applied throughout the world, and its fundamental ideas are now incorporated into a research and teaching discipline of Operations Management.

Mission and purpose: The mission of JOMSA is to play a central role in the research and education of operations management in Japan, and is to promote both interdisciplinary research of various engineering fields related to production and managerial research for decision makings in operations with global perspectives.
JOMSA also promotes diverse fields related to operations such as supply chain management and service sciences. The purpose of JOMSA is to further the understanding of manufacturing management principles and to establish an academic discipline of operations management that will lead to the development of a new madein-Japan theory of manufacturing.

Networking: JOMSA is a place in Japan to exchange information on research, teaching, and practices of operations management including operations strategy. JOMSA also commits to promoting an alliance with Production and Operations Management Society (POMS), European Operations Management Association (EurOMA), and operations management related academic societies in Asia, and aims for contributing globally to the advancement of the academic discipline and the industry.