Japanese Operations Management and Strategy Association (JOMSA) as the hosting organization is privileged to hold the 8th International Symposium on Operations Management and Strategy (ISOMS 2018) in Osaka, Japan. The 10th JOMSA Annual Conference will be held jointly with ISOMS 2018.

The theme of this symposium is gSupply Chain Redesign and Operational Innovationh. In the circumstance of supply chain management becoming complicated and decentralized increasingly, with rapid development of IoT-related technologies such as big data, cloud computing and block chain, the agility and visibility (traceability) of the supply chain have advanced by leaps and bounds. It makes many supply chain participants find breakthroughs in innovation and solutions of their operational bottlenecks. However, with many manufacturing firms gradually changing their management models and operational disciplines to service-oriented mode, the operating mechanism of the supply chain and its design philosophy have been critically challenged. More architectural frameworks centered on distributed and artificial intelligence are constantly infiltrating into Operations Management, which also provides novel key components and direction for the realization of more diversifiable and resilient supply chains.

In this conference, we are looking forward to having cutting-edge thoughts and achievements shared academically and practically. Through the collective brainstorming and the collision of ideas, we can strive for further improvement to innovate and develop the supply chain and operations management.

Yu Cui(Conference Organizer)
Otemon Gakuin University, Osaka, Japan