ISOMS Plenary Session

Plenary Session

Title: Operations Management 4.0

Alfred Taudes
Professor for Business Administration and MIS
WU − Vienna University of Economics and Business
 This talk will consider how the diffusion of Industrie 4.0 will affect Operations Management practices in manufacturing companies. We will start out with the origins and current status of Industrie 4.0 in German speaking countries. We will then present the technological innovations summarized under the slogan Industrie 4.0. by introducing the Industrie 4.0 pilot factory in Vienna, Seestadt. This “toy factory” employs the latest hard- and software technologies to produce 3D printers for teaching, research and training purposes. For this prototypical Industrie 4,.0 production system, we identify key issues for operations management in an environment characterized by sensing machines, products and storage/transportation equipment, robots, 3D printers, body attached sensors, shopfloor WLANs and In-Memory ERP systems. On this basis we then can assess operations management models and methods with regard to their relevance in Industrie 4.0 environments and discuss new challenges. Finally we will talk about the impact of our findings for education and research in Operations Management.
 Alfred Taudes is Professor at the Institute for Production Management, Department of Information Systems and Operations WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business). He has undertaken research in the interface of Operations and Supply Chain Management, Marketing Engineering and Knowledge Management. He has published more than 150 articles, among others in international top journals like Management Science, European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of Production Economics, Marketing Science and MIS Quarterly. His current research interests are Managerial Aspects of Industrie 4.0 and Digital Business Models. Alfred Taudes holds a doctoral degree in Business Administration from WU Vienna, a Magister Degree in Management Information Systems from Vienna University and a PhD (Habilitation) from WU Vienna in both fields.