JOMSA Plenary Lecture(2)

開沼 泰隆
(首都大学東京 システムデザイン学部 教授)
Yasutaka Kainuma
(Professor of Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Title : "Sustainable Operations Management"

Plenary Session(2)

"Sustainable Operations Management"

開沼 泰隆
Yasutaka Kainuma
 In this talk, we focus on the cannibalization effect of the remanufacturing systems in sustainable operations management. The hybrid manufacturing/remanufacturing system is modeled and analyzed including refurbishing processes with different condition levels. At the manufacturing stage, new products are manufactured from raw materials. At remanufacturing stage, returned products are inspected and classified according to their condition. Returned products are classified into the three condition levels of remanufacturing, refurbishing, and disposal. New products, remanufactured products, and refurbished products are defined below:
  • New products
    Products that use all new raw materials and parts.
  • Remanufactured products
    Products collected from the market that are disassembled, inspected, washed, repaired, reassembled, and remanufactured.
  • Refurbished products
    Products that are have been briefly used (i.e. display models) or have minor damage, that are cleaned, re2 paired, and sold as new. Refurbishing can be thought of as small scale remanufacturing.
 Refurbished products are sold as new, but remanufactured products are different from new and refurbished products. The results indicate that the hybrid manufacturing/remanufacturing model, which includes refurbishing, is more profitable. The model was evaluated using a number of different parameters. Furthermore, the demand model used in this study clearly shows the relationship between the demand for newly manufactured products and the demand for remanufactured products.
 Yasutaka Kainuma is currently a Professor of Operations Management in Department of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan. He received a Ph.D. from School of Science and Technology, Meiji University. He is the Vice President of Japan Industrial Management Association and the Board of Trustees Member of the International Foundation for Production Research - Asia Pacific Region.
 His research interests include supply chain management, closed-loop supply chain, sustainable operations and remanufacturing. He won the best paper award of the 21th ICPR (2011), the outstanding paper award of the 14th APIEMS Conference (2013) and 17th APIEMS Conference (2016) .