ISOMS Plenary Lecture

Title: Roland DG Corporation, a small companyfs global transformation in disruptive industries

Jorge Calvo
Executive Officer
Division President Global SCM
Roland DG Corporation

Global markets are not exclusively affordable to large corporations. Small Japanese companies can succeed in challenging industries and remain competitive, profitable and sustainable despite frequent disruptions. Under the new global paradigm of highly demanding customers, aggressive competitors and uncertainty reigning in many territories, being top of the class in one or two core functions is not enough. Companies should strive to be the best in Research & Development as well as Production and Sales, despite mounting complexity brought upon organizations by globalization. The integration of all logistics functions in Supply Chain Management cross- functionality is the ultimate competitive advantage for global companies.

Roland DG Corporation is a worldwide leader in large format ink-jet printers. In 1981, Roland DG pioneered new manufacturing processes based on unique digital technologies that control the XYZ axes, or lateral, longitudinal, and vertical movement. Today, the main line-up of products consists of wide-format inkjet printers that support a variety of industries, including the Sign, Industrial and Textile Digital Printing industries.

Roland DG achieves a global impact with a relatively small size by entering into disruptive digital markets. It operates and succeeds in the global printing industry against giant corporations, yet it does so with fewer employees. That grants the flexibility to make impactful decisions much more quickly. Despite its size, Roland DG has implemented best-in-class operations.

Roland DG strives gto be the best rather than the biggesth, which means, gbe different, do more with lessh. Additionally, Roland has expanded its reach beyond industrial printing and into the 3D printing market. However, it has done so with strategy in mind, and rather than just add another printer to the market, it provides real solutions within the space. As Roland continues to explore new disruptive digital solutions in CAD/CAM Dental Implants and Software solutions, it continues to reinforce its global core strengths in R&D, Monozukuri and Marketing & Sales orchestrated by Global Supply Chain Management.

Jorge Calvo was born 1961 in Barcelona, Spain. Executive Officer and Division President of Global SCM HQ at Roland DG Corporation, Calvo has been with Roland DG Corporation since 1985, first acting as President & CEO at Roland DG Iberia (Sales subsidiary covering Spain Portugal, North of Africa and Middle East), followed by his role as President & CEO at Roland DG EMEA (Shared Services Center for Europe Middle East and Africa). In 2010, he was appointed to the position of Executive Director and Division President at the companyfs headquarters in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.

Calvo holds a Masters in Economics and Business Administration Research from Universitat Abat Oliba CEU, Spain. Graduate of the General Management Program at Harvard Business School, US. Bachelor with honors in Economics and Business Administration at Universitat Abat Oliba CEU. Graduate with honors in Economics and Business Sciences at Universitat Oberta Catalunya, Spain. Graduate of Marketing Management at EADA Business School, Spain. Diiploma of Corporate Management Leadership by Harvard Business School, US.

Calvo is conducting doctoral research in Japan about PERFORMANCE, RESILIENCE AND AGILITY IN THE SUPPLY CHAINS OF JAPANESE INDUSTRIAL COMPANIES LISTED ON THE NIKKEI 225 INDEX, which will be finished March 2016, completing his PhD in Economics and Business Sciences at Universitat Abat Oliba CEU.

He acted as chairman, vice president or board member for several Digital Printing Industry associations in Spain and Europe. He is currently an active member of several international SCM associations: Academy of Management, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, Institute of Supply Chain Management, and recently joined the Japanese Operations Management and Strategy Association, CSCMP Japan Roundtable, and Harvard Business School Club Japan.

Recognized as The Digital Printing Executive of the Year 2004 & 2010 in Spain and The Digital Textile Executive of the Year 2008 in Europe.