Japanese Operations Management and Strategy Association (JOMSA) as the hosting organization is privileged to hold the 5th International Symposium on Operations Management and Strategy (ISOMS 2015) in Tokyo, Japan. The 7th JOMSA Annual Conference will be held jointly with ISOMS 2015.

The theme of this symposium is gSupply Chain and Information Technology as Enablers of Globalizationh Global extension of business is a challenging theme for any company that wishes to sustain a growth momentum beyond the limitation of its domestic market. Globalization of business requires the company to design appropriate value concepts to be marketed, construct competitive supply chains to deliver the values and operate efficient and sustainable supply chain processes. This conference focuses on such supply chain processes and information technologies/systems as enablers of the globalization of business. JOMSA is convinced that this focus is, to say the least, one of the most important strategic agenda for many Japanese companies as well as non-Japanese companies in search of new business opportunities under the world-wide trend of globalization of business.

This symposium will provide an international forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange innovative ideas on related issues to the conference theme. We are very happy if researchers could find challenging research issues and also practitioners could be inspired towards tackling with the globalization of business.

We sincerely hope that many researchers, educators, and practitioners will assemble in this symposium to create new knowledge for the globalization of business.

We look forward to exchanging inspiring ideas with you in a global city of Tokyo.

Michiya Morita (Conference Organizer)
Gakushuin University, Tokyo, Japan