Japanese Operations Management and Strategy Association (JOMSA) as the hosting organization and the Strategic Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Alliance Management (SESAMI) Program of Kobe University as a co-sponsored organization are privileged to hold the 3rd International Symposium on Operations Management and Strategy (ISOMS 2013) in Osaka, Japan. The 5th JOMSA Annual Conference will be held jointly with ISOMS 2013.

Theme of the symposium is gOperations Management for Sustainability and Innovation.h From the view point of operations management, we will address the major issues that the society as a whole is facing in maintaining and sustaining our economic and daily activities.

This symposium will provide an international forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange innovative ideas on any issues of operations management and strategy as well as its related topics.

We sincerely hope that many researchers, educators, and practitioners will in this symposium.

We look forward to interacting with you in a vibrant city of Osaka.