Scope of Symposium

The main theme of the symposium will be gCraftsmanship and Technological Capabilities for Operations in the 2010sh. That intends to discuss the role of craftsmanship and state-of-art technology in manufacturing and service operations and our society and to search out a promising direction to expand the perspective of operations management. While craftsmanship has promoted continuous improvements in manufacturing and service processes for many years, new technology developed by scientists and engineers has been providing various driving forces not only to promote economic efficiency and growth but to protect our natural environment, making our economy and society more sustainable. Enterprises in the 2010s will be required to elaborate how to utilize their craftsmanship and technological capabilities to improve business efficiency and sustainability, which are sometimes conflicting, in different settings. This symposium aims to shed light on craftsmanship and technology from various perspectives and to enrich our knowledge system of fundamental business principles.